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The Call Of The Virgin Islands

August 27, 2014, Author: Chester Reilly

I’m not usually interested in travelling to a place I know very little about.  I prefer to do some extensive research that borders on seeming like I suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, making sure I have my itinerary very much in order, knowing exactly where I’m going and what time, what sorts of meals and accommodations will be provided or that I can make available for myself, and of course every individual location within the area I’m visiting that I absolutely must visit.  But I think I have to make an exception at least in the case of the Virgin Islands.  This place, even after just a small amount of information I’ve seen online, has such an otherworldly allure about it that is just magical.  It reminds me of other islands in the Caribbean and anywhere around the Gulf of Mexico, with lust tropical scenery and a very pleasant culture about the people, it seems like a tropical paradise and much to my surprise, there’s no catch.  Seriously, it’s this beautiful and affordable and the people are so pleasant, and there’s no crazy civil unrest or some sort of political turmoil to drive us all away?  Well with that said, they’ve got me interested!


This image, which is clearly caught during the midst of a flight over the Virgin Islands, comes to us from Olaf.  I just love the way the different hues of blue cascade against each other around the shore lines, and you can make out the shapes and colors of each of the tiny boats atop the water.

One thing that I hadn’t realized for quite some time until I recently did a little bit of research on the Virgin Islands is that they (that is: the British, the Puerto Rican, the Spanish, and the United States Virgin Islands) all share the same currency.  That is just so convenient, I can only imagine how much of a nightmarish headache that would be for any tourist who has to convert their money if they ever want to island hop.


This photo of Road Town in the Virgin Islands just instills such a sense of peace and tranquility, I think I’ll put on some easy listening and kick my feet up for a minute… Oh and by the way, this photo comes to us from Roger Wollstadt.

The scenic location of the Virgin Islands really can’t be much better, considering how well positioned it is between several continents and countries, with so many cultures around it, yet still retaining a cultural taste all its own.  I think I might seem a bit over eager but I can’t help it just look at how gorgeous this place is!


Now just to leave you with the beautiful picture of the foliage, waves and sand that really got me interested in the Virgin Islands, here a photo of Necker Island.   Kudos as well as credit goes to Latham Jenkins from for putting up this awesome picture for us to all enjoy!